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Holding Hands

Helpful Services

Childcare services, tutoring, online education services, and other great recommendations from within the community.

Boulder Public Library


Home to amazing resources both in-person and online. Check out the website for storytimes, book lists, staff picks, audiobooks, homework help, and more.
P: (303) 441-3100


Cultural Care Au Pair


Affordable, flexible childcare with the added element of a cultural exchange. These young foreigners have childcare backgrounds and are eager to be a part of your family. They care for your children in exchange for the opportunity to live with an American family and have a unique experience. These relationships can last for years and bring depth to your child’s vision of the world. Up to 45 hours per week of childcare.

P: (303) 956-6189 - Jen Rodehaver



Boulder Valley School District


The only BVSD Youth and Family Resource Guide. Find services and activities your family needs. Tutoring, counseling, the arts, child care, support services, college planning, cooking, birthday parties, and more.

P: (720) 561-5977

Premier Members Credit Union


5505 Arapahoe, Boulder
Banking and savings, for all your banking needs.

P: (303) 442-8850

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