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Integrated Love

by Ms. Katie Buckley

from EXPAND Summer Camps

Summer. The season that kids (and adults) wait all year for. Hours of sunshine, no homework and sleeping in are hard to beat. However, summer can also be hard for families. A break in the structure, routine and socialization that kids get during the school year doesn’t work for everyone. Summer camps are a great way for kids to still have these things in a fun and enriching way. Summer camps have also come a long way in the last few years and can be needs- inclusive for kids of all ages. This quarter’s article looks at inclusive camps in Boulder county as well as the greater Colorado area.


EXPAND Summer Camps

Right here in Boulder County, the EXPAND program offers rec and leisure activities to kids and adults with disabilities. They prioritize communication, independence and physical fitness. They have great programs all year around but during the summer have camps that utilize peer helpers. This fosters an inclusive environment for kids with and without disabilities, Check out their website for more info and registration information.

Colorado Conservatory of Dance Dance Expression Classes

Located in Broomfield, Dance Expressions states that they are an inclusive program with a specifically designed adaptive curriculum, which provides children of ALL abilities with a therapeutic dance experience. Students are given the tools for a successful exploration of dance while being in a safe environment. Check out more information at their website


Adam’s Camp

Located in Granby, CO. This sleepaway camp is near and dear to my heart as I have worked there for the past 11 years. Adam’s Camp offers therapeutic and adventure services for kids, adults and families. It also offers many volunteer opportunities for high school aged peer helpers. Their mission is to realize the potentials and develop the strengths of children and young adults by bringing together families with professionals and volunteers to collaboratively provide customized, intensive therapy, family support, and recreation in a camp environment. It is a prime example of an inclusivity model that gets the whole family involved. Learn more about their various programs at their website.

TACT (Teaching the Autism Community Trades)

TACTS vision looks at inclusivity in employment. They offer many workshops that encourage the talent and innovation of people with autism. Children, teens and adults can attend workshops based on their interests that are fun but also can build a path to an employable career or vocation. Learn more about the different workshops for different age groups at their website.

Camps are a great way to get connected, stay connected and learn more about inclusivity and inclusive practices this summer.

Katie Buckley is a high school special education teacher who teaches in a program for students with cognitive disabilities. She was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, before going to Texas to get her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Special Education from Texas Christian University.

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